Company-Specific Blockchain Solutions


What is Bitci Chain?

Being Turkey's first blokchain network integrated into the stock exchange and payment platform is developed by Bitci Teknoloji. You can create tokens and smart contracts with Bitci Chain. Bitci Chain has been optimized to provide companies and corporations with the best blockchain adaptation.


Turkey’s first crytptocurrency that has its own blokchain network

Bitcicoin, the mainnet coin of the Bitci Chain blockchain, gains value with Token projects created on the Bitcichain blockchain. For the transfer of tokens on Bitcichain, the blockchain network fee is paid with Bitcicoin. Bitcicoin can be easily stored in Bitci E-Wallets developed by Bitci Teknoloji. Bitcicoin can be traded on and all stock exchanges on which it is listed.


Our Partners

Bitci Fan Token

Fan Token System

Developed using the Bitci Chain infrastructure, Bitci Fan Token offers Sports Clubs the opportunity to create special Tokens for their fans. Thanks to Bitci Fan Token, you can create special events for people who support your team and sell the products in your club store with Bitci Fan Token. You can interact more with your fans through the surveys you will create with Bitci Fan Token.

Bitci NFT

Unique Token Service

Using the Bitci Chain infrastructure, you can create unique digital artworks thanks to NFT (Non-Fungible Token) technology. With Bitci NFT, you can digitize tangible objects without having any technical knowledge, store your digital work with Bitci Wallet, or transfer your digital work to other wallets.


Loyalty Program

BitciLoyalty, a tokenized loyalty program, is a type of token running on Bitci Chain such as BitciPay and BitciSupply. BitciLoyalty, which provides discounts and the opportunity to give brand tokens as gifts within the scope of the campaigns organized, allows brands to create independent tokens via Bitci Teknoloji. With BitciLoyalty, you can reach more customers in the tourism industry.


Supply Chain

You can follow-up supply chain data in industries such as logistics, energy and food with BitciSupply. Using the Bitci Chain infrastructure, BitciSupply ensures that data can be viewed by administrators or anyone. One of its biggest advantages is that the data cannot be changed retrospectively. Additionally, the system, which enables organizations to profit in terms of server costs and speed, works independently of the company and country.


Smart Contracts

The blockchain concept, which has become an indispensable part of today's technology, provides convenience to users in many areas. Developed using the Bitci Chain infrastructure, BitciDapps evaluates the needs of companies requesting smart contracts and prepares a special Dapp. Thanks to the developed system, disposable or indefinite (continuously repeating) Dapps can be created.

Bitci Tokenizer

Company-Specific Token Service

Bitci Tokenizer, which enables individuals or corporations to provide token services, has an advanced infrastructure. The system, which allows creating a brand token using the Bitci Chain infrastructure, offers the opportunity to receive direct payments. The system, where subjects such as usage area and payment type are determined by users, can be used in almost all industries. For example, a shopping system that allows payment with brand tokens can be created in the supermarket chain.

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